Which plastic business card will you use?

What is a Plastic business card?

A plastic business card from Sammy allows you to share your contact information digitally using NFC technology. NFC found in every kind of phone and, among other things, allows you to make contactless payments. Once you have received your card, you can immediately begin building your profile. In your profile, you indicate what information you would like to share via your plastic business card. Is your profile ready? Then you are ready to start surprising the world with your Plastic business card. Hold the business card close to a phone, immediately a notification will appear. Open the notification and immediately your new connection will have access to all your contact information. Sammy, networking made easy.

Why buy a Plastic business card?

Gone are the days of traditional paper business cards. Traditional paper business cards are often lost because they are either thrown away or simply forgotten. As a result, you may feel that you have built a lot of connections but in reality have had very little reach. Sammy’s plastic business cards solve this problem for you. Sammy plastic business cards allow your data to be shared digitally through NFC. This ensures that you leave a memorable impression and your new connection member can add your information directly into his data. This ensures not only that you are networking effectively but also that you are doing your part for the environment. By using Sammy, you will only need 1 more business card, save on costs and make an unforgettable impression to expand your network even further.

Why buy a Plastic business card from Sammy?

A plastic business card from Sammy ensures that you can always share your contact information wherever and whenever you want. In addition, Sammy offers a professional and sleek design with the unique add to contact feature. In doing so, you can have all data stored directly by your new connection in his or her phone. Do you have questions or would like to seek advice on what kind of plastic card suits your business? Then get in touch with our experts soon, we will be happy to help you.