Which Digital Business Card will you use?

What is a Digital Business Card (contactless business card)?

With a digital business card, you share your contact information easily and quickly using contactless NFC technology. For this, make sure that you not only leave a great impression but also completely corona-proof via your contactless business card to share your data. Create your profile and indicate what information you would like to share using your digital business card. Once your profile is compiled you are ready to network! Tap a phone against your digital business card (contactless business card) and immediately a notification will pop up in the screen. Open the notification and your contact information is shared!

Why buy a Digital Business Card?

Often traditional paper business cards are lost because they are simply pocketed, end up in the trash or thrown in a big pile. As a result, you may feel that you have networked well and built brand awareness, yet this will backfire in the long run. Digital business cards put an end to this fiasco. Sharing your information digitally with a digital business card not only leaves a unique impression, but the person will have your information on their phone immediately. In addition to this, you only need one digital business card instead of countless business cards that you give away and end up in the trash. This way, you not only have a modern business card but also do your part for a better environment.

Buy digital business card at Sammy

A digital business card ensures that you will never be without a business card again. By using NFC business card, you only need 1 card for all your contacts. In doing so, Sammy offers a timeless and clean design so your digital business card will make a big impact on your prospect. Do you have questions about which digital business card is right for you? No problem, our experts are ready to help you day and night. We would be happy to give you no obligation advice or think along with you in designing a custom smart business card. Don’t wait any longer and contact us today.