Choose your Digital Business Card

How does Sammy work?

Choose your business card

Choose a business card that matches your look and feel. Do you opt for a business smart business card for your wallet or go for a Tap Button on your phone? You decide how to share your digital business card.


Through the Sammy platform, you can easily and quickly create your own page with your first digital business card. Do you only want your email address and phone number on the business card or would you rather have all your social media channels and a custom link? The choice is yours; the possibilities are endless.

Tap or Scan

Tap a phone against your Sammy. Through Sammy’s NFC business cards, a notification will instantly appear on your new connection’s phone. Have your connection open the notification and your digital business card will be opened instantly!

Your digital business card has been shared!

Your personal business card will appear directly on your new connection’s phone. With a simple click of a button, your new contact will be directed directly to your socials or other contact information. Networking can be that easy. Start expanding your network today with Sammy’s digital business cards!

Add the business card to your contacts

Your new connection can instantly save all the contact information from your business card in his phone so he will never forget you. At the bottom right of the screen, click the arrow and then the purple button. With 2 presses, all your business data are stored in your new connection’s phone. Networking made easy!

Why a digital business card?

No app needed

You don’t need a special app to create your Business Card. Through your personal profile (delivered with order), you easily compose your business card via the web.

Only 1 person needs a Sammy

The person scanning with the phone business card (NFC) does not need Sammy. This way you can easily and with everyone share your information and expand your network.


Never run out of business cards again? One Sammy business card is enough to quickly and digitally leave your contact information with everyone. Fast, modern and unlimited networking.


Sweaty hands, water drops or spilled coffee do not affect the operation of your NFC card. Our product is 100% water resistant.

Use without limit

Sharing contact information with your digital business card is free and unlimited. Purchase your Sammy, create your account and you’re ready to network!


Secure (AVG-proof)

Your login information and business cards are kept on a Google Database so you can be assured that the data is stored securely.

We at Sammy contribute 1% of our revenue to CO₂ removal

Sammy is part of Stripe Climate, a partnership of companies seeking to accelerate CO₂ removal.
Removing CO₂ from the atmosphere is essential to combat climate change. But this is slower than it should be. A percentage of each purchase at Sammy is being spent on scaling up new technologies for carbon removal.